A few simple tips to get the most from your new 4K TV

Getting yourself an ultra HD TV is fantastic and fabulous. Why so? Because you are bringing your family years of fun and enjoyment unloaded. Ultra-TVs these days are everywhere, and they are actually a really fun way to spend some quality time with your family.

So, before you sit down and plan your very first Netflix binge marathon and get on with it, we think you should know a few of the straightforward tips, tricks, adjustments, tweaks as well as additions which will help your TV perform even better than it is right now. Better performance ultimately leads to a much better experience and absorbance in TV watching experience.

Here are a few simple tips to get most from your new 4K TV.

A Few Simple Tips to Get Most From Your New 4K TV: So Where Should You Put Your TV?

 When you have a new TV, adjusting the place for that TV is something that should be worth considering. You also have to consider whether the current TV placement area is the best in regards to the overall design of your room or not. You have to follow both the things that are convenient for you, but they also do not affect your room’s settings. For instance, your TV may look amazing with the sofas, the doorways, and other furniture.

A Few Simple Tips to Get Most From Your New 4K TV

Another thing that you should know when placing your TV is that no TV screen can compromise with the lightning that is being reflected by different windows and different places where light is directly on the TV screen. Even if there are reflections from bright lamps and bright sources of lights, in case a problem comes with conflict to this issue then you must be extremely careful and must consider the fact that a place without lightening is essential to have a good screen view. In case the setting of your bedroom or living room is different, and at odds with the proper settings for your TV, then you should consider changing the setting of your room. This will not only bring about a good change but also help the TV be in a place that is best for it.

Similarly, you might want to prefer dark curtains over light curtains since the reflecting light will really have a bad effect on the image of your screen. If you want to place your TV up on the mounts, then you may need to put up the one with pivots so you can turn it to different angles at a time where light is more than necessary.

Another essential thing to consider and know is the fact that many people believe that putting your TV over the fireplace area is a bad idea, it is so sad because of some critical factors. In case those factors are not a significant issue for you, then it is best to go with the area above fireplace since viewing from that area is maximum. By doing so, you are also reducing your chances of neck pain. The instalment of the  TV over the fireplace is an area of conflict; it is so because many of the people have benefited from it while others have had a hard time because of it.

A Few Simple Tips to Get Most From Your New 4K TV: Set Up

 Now once you are done with mounting your TV up against the wall and have done the other things, you are going to consider the cables, the old HDMI cables in your possession, considering that they still work might also prove to be worthy of the work. Some of the cables might not be supportive of some things. It depends upon the cables and the things you are trying to play with it.

An old satellite or cable box is not in need of a new HDMI cable. If they have worked with your old TV, then more than likely they will  work with this TV. The same goes for old quality Blu ray players as well as the media streamers. But if you want to connect the all-new 4k Blu ray players over to the screen, then you might need new cables and new equipment. The good thing here is that the HDMI cables which work with the blue ray players of 4k resolution as well as with HDR are very cheap.

are ready for use in case you are someone who is willing to run several cables in their walls.

It is most likely that your local municipal code does not need or require these. You can pay a little extra for added safety. It is also a must that you check out the real speed and connection of your home Wifi and the service provider. You probably do not remember the last time you did it, but why not upgrade from 1080p to 4K. I mean we all love that resolution.

A Few Simple Tips to Get Most From Your New 4K TV: Settings/ Calibration

Setting and calibration also are one of a few simple tips to get most from your new 4K TV. Now that everything is connected in its place, and is all set up and ready to go, you are now ready to make your next move. It is now the time to make sure the TVs display settings are all in a set position based on your likeness, and not like less, the Contrast, the brightness, the color as well as color temperature all have a huge effect on the quality of the picture.

There are three different ways to settle this problem

  • By eye
  • By a disk
  • By seeking professional help

4k tv settings and clibrationBy Eye:

Probably the easiest method is by the eye; it can however in many cases lead to be extremely inaccurate if the user is not sure of what he or she is doing. It involves looking for a specific type of image and then looking for different type of adjustments that make that picture perfect. After that, you have to make sure it does not look wrong with other picture content.

Disc Method:

A much easier way is the disc method which can be used to set up the brightness level of your TV set. This method also involves looking at specific images, but in this method, those specific images are images that are specifically designed. These patterns will take you much closer to the type of picture you feel you should have on your TV screen. You will also be able to see the detail in the shadows, and the bright highlights, skin tones of all kinds will look more realistic and so on.

Professional Help:

The last step to do something like this is by hiring a professional to set up the display of your TV screen. This process takes a lot of money, but it involves a professional coming to your house, then taking care of your TVs display, settings, and making sure everything is just perfect. In addition to that, these professionals are equipped with specialized tools which helps them bring the brightness and contrast levels to the point of perfectness where even the company and your eye fails. This level and type of settings cannot be followed by everyone, but if you are someone who is highly concerned with the perfection of their display settings, then you can go for this option.

There however is another of a few simple tips to get most from your new 4K TV. In case you own other things then you need to be sure that all the settings on the others are also normal and perfect. Let’s say if you have a cable or a satellite box, then you need to make sure it is set to give you the highest resolution that it is capable of, even though 1080i or 1080p likely doesn’t matter. Most of the devices will automatically adjust to whatever your new TV‘s resolution is to be it 4K if available or 1080p if not. If you have a receiver, then you need to be sure that it is set to pass through the video to the TV and not trying to adjust it on its own.

That is not always good, because your TV will convert everything itself and probably do it very well.

In case the receiver is not capable of the 4K resolution, and you happen to have resources like the media streamer or the Ultra HD Blu-ray player, you will then need to run the HDMI to the TV directly to get 4K resolution. Most luckily, the TV will be having an ARC so you can get the audio back to the receiver.

Alternately, many of the Ultra HD Blu-ray players can have two HDMI outputs, one of which is for audio.

A Few Simple Tips to Get Most From Your New 4K TV: Sound Bars or Speakers?

Now there is one last thing that we think you should know and it is one of a few simple tips to get most from your new 4K TV, we should be telling you guys that every TV on this planet deserves the opportunity to have good speakers. Now the speakers which are normally built on a TV are generally not so good. We all are well aware of that, they are great, but not up to the level of perfection to the ears, most of them can be better and right with the sound, but as we said earlier, they are never as good as they should be. None of these can offer the quality of voice that is delivered by an even and an inexpensive sound bar. What could be the reason? The reason is simple; it’s simply physics.

Sound Bars or Speakers

The TVs generally are so thin that there is no way that the speakers can put out a quality styled audio, not on any volume at least. Now if you are someone who has trouble when he or she is listening to, let’s say, a movie on the TV while other people in the background are talking, then you need to know that the speakers which are incorporated in your TV are just mediocre styled. A soundbar, however, of any type and kind, even if the most inexpensive can help you turn your sound level upside down by making it much much better. It will make the entire experience more cinematic.

Now if you wish to have that perfect home theatre type of experience than you may need to have a few things, like the receiver as well as the speaker. Receivers and speakers come in all of the shapes, sizes, sound levels as well as the prices. They might require a lot of set up, some of them, but the sound which they will provide you with will be cinematic even more than a soundbar. Real speakers while on music will sound even better than a soundbar when played on and over it. Checkout our reviews of the best soudbars

A Few Simple Tips to Get Most From Your New 4K TV: Bonus Stage:

Another thing which we think is best to be brought to your attention is the fact that your TV is well deserved for better content, good content is the right of every TV to bring amusement to its watcher. It is an essential tip of a few simple tips to get most from your new 4K TV. Especially since 4K content is very important. Now if your TV happens to be an HDR TV, then you need to be able to provide it with HDR content as well. Same goes with 4K content. Without a 4k content, the 4K TV does not look as it should be. Even though getting 4K videos might be a little expensive when it comes to purchasing them, but they are what your TV deserves if it is a high-end TV. With the most famous streaming services, like Amazon, Netflix and Vudu, you need to pay extra to get 4K versions instead of HD versions. Even though it can be a little expensive, but you can check out at least some of that content to see the real pictures of your TV.

If you need even better quality, nothing beats the physical media, like the Ultra HD Blu-ray player mentioned before which plays the Ultra HD Blu-rays. All that you can do is to be sure that in case you’re using an external media streamer or UHD Blu-ray player, see if they are connected and set up correctly as well so problems with the TV cannot occur.


Those were a few simple tips to get most from your new 4K TV. We hope that this article was informative. Tell us if you have any questions. We would happily help. Until next time, off we go.


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