Connect Your Smart Home Gadgets to Your Amazon Alexa devices in 2019

It doesn’t matter what level of interest you carry in various smartphones or things everyone these days well aware of how different devices connect together and what procedures they take to get together. You might also be aware of the fact the different apps run different devices individually and control all their features as well as their operation. Users, too, have the benefit of doing everything from the palm of their hand, so overall there is always ease and comfort of operation between both the bridges.

There however also is an easier and a much more streamlined way which can help you to connect all your smart home gadgets to your Amazon Echo device at once and then tell The Alexa voice control to take hold of them.

As the world of the internet and the things that are sold on it has started to grow, things have been coming up and developing, so many new products are developed and brought into the market every day, each with a new and different type of technology which seems to be more tempting and much better than the other. They are so great that they leave the user confused and always wanting for more and more, the analysts have thus predicted the growth of the sensor market by saying that by the next year, the sensor market with a budget of about $85 billion is likely to grow by  more than $115 billion. People relying on voice assistants like the Echo and the Google Home are also likely to increase as well, I mean they obviously would, more gadgets, more people buying them and thus more people using these services for operation. I mean nobody for sure, after all, would not want to toggle between a dozen of different apps to take more control over their smart gadgets when all they can do directly is just ask Alexa to do it for them, right?

Well, one of the reasons why we are here to talk about such things is because of a specific voice feature and its operation in handling different devices, of course, it is the all known Alexa. So, with Alexa, you can control a bunch of devices all in one place, rather than having those old ways of having each and every app for the different device. You can now combine them all together and put them into the same platform.

A few of the devices you can run below with Alexa are listed as follows, generally, you can even run the systems of your entire house with it without it ever missing something, but here only a few aspects of Alexa are discussed by us.

Let us proceed into the article to know more

Pairing Alexa With The Lightning Of Your Home

Did you ever know that you could pair the Alexa, this smart device to your room or home’s lightning and take things up to a different level? Remember the part where couples or siblings or even roommates would be fighting each other over who is to turn up the light, well, none of those fights anymore! You can literally ask Alexa to turn off or turn on the lightening of your entire home, do it a dozen times a day if that is what you wish.

You can sync the compatible smart lights with this device and get the experience of your life, for instance, smart lights like the Philips Hue with the Echo lets you do that without having to move from the couch.

Here is how you should do it?

First of all, what you do is launch the Alexa app, after that tap the menu icon at the top left. Now from that place what you do is choose the Smart Home function. You will then see a text and icon list of any currently connected home devices to the lights.

Also, there is an Add Device option which is accompanied by a plus sign (+). What you can do now it just tapping the function that says “Add Device” what it does is that it triggers the Alexa to search for the new Wi-Fi enabled smart home products.

Soon, you will be able to see your new lights, assuming that you already have them up and they are running, appear on the list.

Now if you have more than one smart light in the room, it is a great idea to set up lighting groups. In order do that, what you can do is just go back to the Smart Home section of the Alexa app. After that, you should tap the Groups header near the top of the screen.

Next, you can choose the Add Group option, then Smart Home Group and give the group a name. Now select all the devices that are belonging to the newly created group on the device, suppose they are the smart lights in one room, select them and then, tap the blue Save button.

After doing this process, you can use the Alexa voice commands to give it the commands related to lights and have an upper hand of control, it includes either an individual light or all of them in a single group.

Now let’s take an example, suppose you might just say something random like, “Alexa, dim the lights in the office” or “Alexa, turn on the lights in the bedroom.” So you see, this is how simple it is to just say it and get the task done.

Connecting your lights to Alexa is one of the greatest things you can do as a favor for your home and thus bring an ease and comfort in your life.

Connect your Alexa device to your smart lock

Well, to tell you one thing, there is one thing which is very consistent about the top-class locks in the market these days, though it may seem counterproductive at first, but it is for you to know that the Alexa cannot just unlock your front door. However, what it can do is look it up. The fact that it can only lock your door is that it is for the safety to prevent a criminal from making you or anyone else just shout a command to gain access or otherwise making the process of burglary easier to pull off. Let’s assume that this is not a discouraging factor for you, here is just how you can sync your smart lock up with the Alexa.

In this case, we will consider that you are using the Schlage Sense Deadbolt, but if you have a different kind of smart lock, the steps to set it up with your Echo should not be very different to the steps of this lock.
So, the first step of doing the whole process involves installing a Wi-Fi adapter within the 40 feet range of the smart lock. After installation of the WiFi, what you should do is download the Schlage Sense Android or iOS app and then create an account.

Use this app to connect the WiFi adapter to the lock. After doing this step, enable the Schlage Sense Alexa skill.

What you should do is launch the Alexa app, choose Skills from the menu on the upper left side and then search for the one you want.

You are now set to use the skill to make the Alexa lock the door, check the status of the lock or manage the access codes as you like.

See Security Camera Footage with Alexa and the Echo Show:

In case your Amazon Echo model is the Echo Show (assuming that) and it has a video screen, it means that depending on which smart security camera you have, you will be able to see the footage from the security camera through your Echo Show.

Ring and Netgear are the two main companies of the many that offer technology with their products and thus they have created specific Skills in order to facilitate their products in a much better and enhanced way.
Soon after purchasing a smart security camera which also works with the Echo Show, what you can do is activate the skill associated with it. After that you can say a command, let’s say that you can say, “Alexa, show me the front door camera,” to see who is really responsible for the knock you just heard on the door. It is as easy and as simple as that.

This is why we love how you can say it all to the Alexa and get things done for which you would normally have to waste up your energy. It is great how you can actually do things by the control of your voice. This system is especially favorable for busy or old aged people who cannot take care of many things or get up time after time to do things. But generally, if you are a technology love or someone who is lazy, you too fit the category of its users.

Adjust The Temperature of Your Room:

The top-notch brands for Temperature devices are the Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell and they offer smart thermostats which can easily be controlled by your Amazon Echo.

All these companies have the latest skills by Alexa to enable, in case if you purchase an Alexa enabled thermostat from a different brand, you can expect it to go through the same steps like this.

First things first, launch up the Alexa app, after that tap the menu button which is located in the upper left.

Then Select the Smart Home Button, after that choose the “Get More Smart Home Skills” option, this option is visible after you swipe down.

You can find out the brand name of your smart thermostat and then tap it. After that select the Enable Skill option.

The extent of the functionality of the voice command can vary and it depends on the thermostat you are to buy. But in most of the cases, you can also raise or lower the temperature to a specific number of degrees, you can also set it to a particular temperature reading. Now depending on the skill, the commands can be more vague, like saying, “Alexa, cool down.”

Adjustment of the temperature can be a huge problem, especially in winters when you have to get up from the blanket in order to push the buttons up and down. Alexa even here has leveled it all up with its efficient voice control feature.

Talk to Almost Each and Every Device Connected to A smart Plug:

Forecasts have predicted that there will be about 50 billion internet-connected devices by the year 2020. Telling you more about technology and the things Alexa can control, the Smart plugs and outlets are another great way to smartify your home without making any huge investments or various home alterations. They can enhance the capabilities of almost any item which is plugged into them.

Other than buying different devices with built-in smart functionality, you can pair your old, standard devices with smart plugs to unlock different voice control features.
The process may vary from brand to brand. However you can easily purchase a smart plug which can work with Alexa and make things easy for you.  All you have to do is install the required app by the manufacturer and then what you can do is connect it to Alexa, now give any voice command that you like. You might also need to put various plugs in a group for a voice control altogether. This will do wonders.

For instance you can tell Alexa, “Turn on the Living Room Lamp,” and Alexa will abruptly follow the commands.


So, if you are someone who has just started to set up their smart home or you are someone who has lots of smart devices but do not know what to do with them then grouping them all together with the Alexa Voice App can really simplify things for you.

Tell us What Smart Device do you use with the Alexa?

This was all about today’s guide on various things you can connect with your Alexa Voice Control Feature. Until Next Time, Off We Go,


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