Quick And Easy Way To Check Your Home Internet Speed

To many of us, it may not be something serious, but you really should know that a great speed matters a lot, and with it, knowing the speed of your home internet connection. It is more vital than you think. You are using it and above that, You are paying for it. Getting what you pay for is what we all deserve.

Likewise, if you are paying for more and getting less than it is nothing but a waste of money and peace of mind for you. If you pay so much and still you find the connection to be flaky then it is of no use, your connection or the money you pay for. They both should be working in proportion.

“Same internet speed for the same money.”

We will explain to you in today’s article just how important and necessary knowing your connection type is and just how easily you can check your internet speed levels since they matter a lot.

It’s actually easier than you may think it, it is not driving in the car to your nearest Internet Service Provider’s office. It is not going through various terms to find out what and how you have to do things. It is not doing technical things over your computer to see if the internet is doing its job or not. It is actually very simple, very easy, less time consuming and can be done in a few minutes. All you have to do is just go to a website named the speedtest.net and from there you can check the speed level of your internet.

“This is how easily you can check the speed levels of your internet. Without any problems or unnecessary consumption of time, energy as well as expenses.”

To Know More… Let’s go further into the article…

Now we all know how the whole process goes by. Wherever you go to an Internet Service Provider for internet incorporation and signing up. The whole process of signing up needs for you to pass through certain decisions like discovering the speed of your internet connection and then paying according to that. You ISP will recommend you different plans if you ask him, based on your consumption, he/she will either advise you to a price plan, or you can choose yourself. Remember that the more you pay, the faster the connection will be and vice versa. This is where it is important for us to know what the price, we pay is ours and so is the internet we get. Therefore, both should be synchronized together giving the same levels. Thus, getting an internet connection for the money you pay for is very important.

In many cases, you will be very surprised to know that it is not the case and it is not the way you think it is! You are not getting the required speed levels of the internet which you are paying for. It might infuriate you or amaze you in the start, but that is completely okay. It can be so because of many other factors other than the Internet Service Provider itself.

“If you are not getting your required speeds of the internet then the best option is to make a call as soon as possible to the required company in order.”

In today’s article, we are going to explain to you just HOW much the speeds of your internet connection matters and WHY they do! We will also tell you how you can check the same speed levels at home. So, you can be at peace and not spend extra energy, time and money.

Here’s what you need to know!

Why Do the Internet Speed Levels Matter So Much Anyway?

The day that different streaming services evolved, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon TV, as well as the upcoming “Apple TV” and “Disney flix” have become really popular amidst the fans and they watch them all the time. But another catch is that the resolution along with all this has also changed from 1080p to 4k resolution. With so many advancements going in the era of today, you cannot rely on a normal and simple internet connection. Whether you like it or not, speedy levels are all to go.

Let’s take an example of Hulu, now if you have set up this streaming service on a slow speed internet, you will see that the internet levels will be highly low and the episode or any media file playing will play in portions. It will start to buffer every next second. If it is not coming down in high definition, then it surely is not a stable connection and you need to get it changed to save yourself from extra torture. You can also take other extra steps. Also notice that the internet connection is divided among many individuals in the house, not just you.

“So, the more the people in your house are using the internet at the same time. The more it will be divided and slow. Let’s say a girl is playing fortnite in the room upstairs, one child is using the TV for the purpose of information. Someone is watching videos over YouTube. All this at the same time will divide up the connection and thus create problems. This is where you know you will need a fast and stable internet connection.”

How Much Your Home Internet Speed Need to Be?

For the purpose of HD streaming. The all famous streaming TV Netflix has recommended its users to have a connection which is at least of 5mbps, again for each device, to have the ability to watch things in HD quality. So, if your internet connection is already at 5 and so many people are using it, then it is time you need to upgrade because Netflix alone needs a connection of 5mbps alone for one person to maintain its HD display.

In the US, the cable internet speeds may vary. It highly depends upon where you live, and what you do and who you buy your internet service from. You will also find these speeds to be from below 1 Mbps to above of more than 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps). For a family of 4 people, the required internet connection download speed should be at the most 50mbps for a smooth, swift and efficient performance.

Now putting that speed in perspective. At this speed, you should be allowed to do downloading more faster than needed. A movie of 2GB should be downloaded in a little bit more than 5 minutes, could be 7 or 8 minutes! Now if you take in the perspective of 1Gbps, then you will be able to abruptly download the same movie in a matter of 50 seconds or so. It’s amazing right? Not having to wait at all and getting things done? We think that too.

Download 10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Home's Internet SpeedHow Do I Check or Come to Know How Fast My Internet Connection is?

By now it must be clear to you about the speed levels, what you want and what you do not want. And just how important and easy it is to maintain the levels of your speed. You will also be able to assume or know the required speed of connection that you need. It is not time for you to MAKE SURE that you are getting the types of speeds that are promised by your internet service providers no matter what!

Let’s suppose if you are paying a bill of around $70 a month for a plan which has promised up to 250 Mbps, but in fact or in ordinary situation you’re only getting a total of 60 Mbps (a plan which will most probably, cost you around $40 a month), then it is time to take the steps that are necessary and pull out the swings. What you can do for starters is to call your cable company or ISP (Internet Service Provider) which varies from a company to company, and you must know yours. You should ask them for a discount right away or to help fix your connection speed. What they often to is that they resync with your cable modem in order to make sure that the speed levels are much faster.

“If you do not know the speed package at which your internet is working, then you can take out your bill and it will clearly be outlined in there.”

Now here is just how you can check the speeds of your home internet connection which will surely clear out a lot of things which were hazy.

  • Firstly, what you can do is connect to your computer and to your router by using an Ethernet cable.
  • Then you should open up your web browser, it can be any browser that you are comfortable working with.
  • Now navigate to speedtest.net and Tap the option “Go.”
  • net will accuracy show you your download and upload speeds.

At times you might be a little below or a little above of what you pay for, but that is just fine, it is too kept in mind that you don’t want the results to be drastically below the speed you are supposed to be paying for.

Also, it is best to know that the speeds of the Internet are prone to fluctuate throughout the day, so what you can do is do multiple tests to see what or how much your connection speed averages turn out to be.

Let us talk some smartphones now. Now we all know that if you have a smartphone, you will probably also be paying a lot for high speed 4G LTE. But have you ever thought that you are getting the same speeds? You can download the Speedtest app for Android or iPhone to run as test the same as this one.

However, there’s always a catch…

Unfortunately, it is obvious that  the wireless data varies drastically on where you are at that time and when you test it, it also is dependent on how strong your signal is with a nearby tower, you cannot just really just make a call to your network in charge and have your modem reset as you would with your home internet connection in case it had some problem with the speed.

It is not however impossible

You can still get a good idea of how your speed is compared with your home internet, and where and when you get the best type of coverage. It is when you constantly see slow speeds at home, it means your Internet Service provider or Network Provider is slow so maybe it is time for you to cross some borders and find a new wireless provider so you can boost up the levels of your internet connection and really get the output to your input, which of course is your money.

Final Verdict:

Internet connection and its speed are things that one just cannot mess around with, or not take seriously, many people’s work and entire jobs are dependent on internet and this is where they actually get their income from. Others have jobs which are partly connected to the internet in some way and any of their important tasks depend upon it. Others need to watch their favorite movies and TV shows over it. Some need it for relaxation. Whatever the case may be, having a strong internet connection matters a lot because if it’s not. Then all these things are at risk. This is why emphasizing over the speed of the internet was the topic of our article today. Because it really is a matter that not many people know how to solve, even if they complain about it.

This was all about the method and awareness on the quick and easy ways to check your home’s Internet speed. We hope that you have learned a great deal from our article. Let us know if there are any other problems occurring regarding your internet connection and we will be happy to help you guys out.

Until next time, off we go!

Adios. 🙂

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