TiVo is now launching apps for top streamers Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV

Talk about some good news? Well, we’re here to give it. So are you all ears?

The good news for us is that TiVo is currently working on the launch of various apps for the top TV streaming applications like the Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV streaming devices later the following year which obviously is the current year 2019!

Tell you guys something even better; it is going to let people watch different content live and also let them watch the recorded video on multiple TVs without having to invest in a separate TiVo Mini box. Isn’t it just awesome how there is going to be so much convenience to the people out there?

In today’s world of increasing technology, convenience is one of the topmost things to be considered by many manufacturers since it is the need of the day.”

So this news broke in when Zatz, Not Funny, spotted those apps (to be launched) at the CES and reported that they are going to be launching in the second and third quarters of 2019. They are going to be launching in chronological order, with the Fire TV which will be coming out first, the Roku at a second place, and the Apple TV at last.

We also know that TiVo previously launched a beta app for Fire TV, but it was retired in 2017.”

TiVo has also been appealing to the cord cutters recently. In the fall of 2018, TiVo had announced the Bolt OTA which is composed of amazing features which offer advanced technology and yet is very convenient. It has the TiVo recording capabilities, but it plugs into an over-the-air TV antenna rather than being plugged into a conventional cable box. Amazing right?

It looks like it may be in competition with the Amazon’s Fire TV Recast, which offers almost the same capabilities and also integrates with the Fire TV.

The new launching apps might be an amazing catch for those people who rely on the streaming media boxes rather than on a  traditional cable, convenience again.

Though the Bolt OTA might require a subscription on a monthly basis, these apps, however, are not supposed to have any additional fees attached to them. Thus it is not a massive new product launch for TiVo, but it surely is the one that could make life easier for many users out there since convenience is always taken as the top priority because, in today’s era, most people are short of time and energy, things are needed to be done abruptly without wasting any time while still maintaining or going beyond the level of advancement previously set. There is a continuous thrive for bring out products better than the previous ones.

We cannot wait for these apps; you no longer have to wait on your favorite show, you can simply be able to watch it anytime you like from the recorded version thus making things so much in control.

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