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Talking about TVs, day by day with the advancement in technology, they keep upgrading and getting enhanced leaving each other behind. The least one can do is be closest to the latest one. TVs, as we all know, is the need of the day, one simply cannot live without having it as a part of their house which basically makes it an important component in a house. Be it the kids, the adults or elderly people, all need to watch TV to fulfill their needs, to relax, enjoy a fun time, or even get away from the reality for a bit of time.

People are slowly turning towards improved and advanced TVs because everyone these days wants a good display to watch their favorite things on. The better the displays; the more people prefer being home and watching things on their TV which has become a trend these days.

The market these days is filled with numerous types of TVs, though most of them claim to do their exact job, they fail to do so, that is the reason why so many people lose trust in many brands out there. The key is simple, it is to do your research and then get what you require. To make things simple and break things down for you we have created an informative guide regarding the BEST TVs of 2019 available in the market. Since these TVs are the best TVs in the market and are in everyone’s wish list. We hope that these TVs will give you an idea about the latest TVs out there.


Let’s get going

LG Electronics OLED55C7P 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

Enjoy your movies and much more from the most popular providers that are brought to life with the beautifully Intense colors against the ultimate backdrop of rich black.

Get to know about the many HDR entertainment choices, and have fun hearing them with the Dolby Atmos audio which brings completion to this uncompromising home cinema experience.LG Electronics OLED55C7P 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

Set up your home theater without any fuss with wireless and the Bluetooth connectivity enabled sound bars that are not only attractive in their design, but they also offer encapsulating surround sound for the perfect movie audio.

The thickness of this TV is almost as a pencil; thus, it is at its thinnest point, this ultra-sleek design beautifully slim and is even stylish and good looking from the side.



The Dimensions of this TV are:

  • TV without stand is 48.4″ x 28″ x 1.8″.
  • TV with stand is 48.4″ x 29.5″ x 8.5″.

Smart functionality:

The Smart functionality gives you control over your favorite apps and content by using the webOS 3.5.


This TV has a Wi-Fi Built-In 802.11ac.


This TV has a 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with added contrast, colors. It also includes detailed and High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the most lifelike pictures. The Individually lighting OLED pixels will give you the ultimate contrast for an outstanding picture quality.

Wall mount:

It can be wall mounted


Inputs included are

  • 4 HDMI
  • 3 USB
  • 1 RF
  • 1 Composite


This TV has a gorgeous design. It uses a glass technology which makes it extra thin and slim. The color is a rich and a deep black which makes it an amazing choice.


  • The model provides an excellent OLED display
  • The design is so much better than many other TVs out there
  • Has a very fast operating system which makes it one of the top 5 TVs 2019.


  • The display is to be taken extra care of.


Sony KD55X720E 55-Inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Go up style with your viewing experience and dive into a world of reality with the 4K HDR entertainment provided by this amazingly beautiful TV. Also, have looks at the contrast, color, and clarity to deliver an authentic, lifelike picture.Sony KD55X720E 55-Inch 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV The 4K X Reality Pro feature of this TV makes the pictures come back to life by upscaling every pixel for an added enhanced clarity.


HDR: Since this TV supports High Dynamic Range (HDR), it will thus change each and every way that you look at it.

This TV Combines a 4K Ultra HD resolution and the HDR video content will give you an amazingly exceptional detail, color as well as contrast. It also has a much far and a wider range of brightness than the other video formats.

Thus, the result is a much more lifelike picture that most TVs have ever been able to create.

Display: The difference between this TV and others is quite clear. You will see a lifelike detail and a stunning clarity, it does not matter what you’re watching on this amazingly displayed TV.

The 4K X Reality PRO upscales images to almost a 4K clarity. See the details appear in the buildings and see the trees as the scenes keep becoming clearer, smoother and more natural.

Enhanced Levels of Contrast:

All the credit goes to the Dynamic Contrast Enhancer, now you can experience more life, enhanced texture and enhanced energy in each and every scene with the brighter highlights and the deeper blacks and much more natural tonal gradation.

Quick Access to your Favorite Channels:

Easily gain access to your favorite movies and shows even quicker than before. Since the YouTube and the Netflix buttons are built into the remote, you thus are just a click away from a time of endless entertainment.

Enhanced Sound Quality:

Make your listening just as lifelike the components you are viewing on screen. The ClearAudio+ has amazing tunes and a TV sound which gives an immersive, emotionally enriching experience surrounding you. You can hear the music and dialogue with much greater clarity as well as separation.


The dimensions of this TV in terms of W x H x D are:

  • TV without stand is 48.8″ x 28.5″ x 2.4″
  • TV with the stand is 48.8″ x 30.7″ x 10″
  • The stand width is 20 1/2 inch.
  • The VESA Hole Pitch in terms of W x H is 11 7/8 x 7 7/8 inches


  • This TV is extremely easy to use for the people of every age and race
  • It also has access to your favorite channels like YouTube and Netflix
  • A very good TV for the price


  • Rare backlight problems

Toshiba-50LF621U19-50-inch TV 

The Toshiba 4K UHD Smart TV is a next level, and a new generation television which features the Fire TV experience so you can enjoy watching your favorite channels with the amazing display provided by this TV.Toshiba-50LF621U19-50-inch TV

It also includes a Voice Remote with Alexa. It also has a reality-based, true-life 4K Ultra HD picture quality with access to all the movies and the TV shows you love. Toshiba has that great TV experience which gets smarter day by day.

The Voice Remote with Alexa lets you do it all, everything that would expect from a remote plus, you can easily launch apps and search for titles, play music or switch inputs, you can also control smart home devices, and much more, just by using your voice. This TV is not only smart but also simple in every way. All you have to do is just plug it in, connect to the WIFI, and enjoy the true movie. 



In terms of display, this Toshiba TV beats many others on the market with its breathtaking 4K Ultra HD picture quality and more than 8 million pixels for clarity that stuns you and a deep contrast which amazes you and vivid colors that bring the pictures back to life. Watch everything you like in this ultra HD TV.

Delivers an Instant Response:

This Toshiba TV is built with speed and surpass performance.  It is powered by a quad-core CPU and a multi-core GPU for quicker search results and a fast and fluid responsiveness.


Easily connect your TV with the dual-band Wi-Fi and the three HDMI inputs. You also have the ability to customize the name of each and every input and adjust the picture settings for each device that is connected.

HDR Compatibility:

This Toshiba TV is an HDR compatible TV which means that you can not only enjoy HDR movies but also the TV shows. This TV keeps getting smarter with the new Alexa skills and an automatic over the air software updates so you are always updated with the latest things.

Control it all With Alexa:

You can make use of the included Voice Remote with Alexa in order to control TV functions like power, volume, playback, navigation etc. easily and instantly, You can also input switching and easily launch anything that you wish to watch like the Netflix, HBO, or the PlayStation etc.


Dimensions with respect to the W x H x D are

  • TV without stand is 44.6” x 26.4” x 3.7”.
  • TV with stand is 44.6” x 27.8” x 10.7”.


  • One of the best things about this Toshiba TV is its quick responsiveness which is why it has made such a big margin in the market and of course one of the top 5 TVs 2019
  • Let Alexa Voice Control do it all right for you
  • You can easily set it up and then start the show.


  • No set of instructions available


TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

The S-Series 4K TCL Roku TV delivers stunning picture performance while bringing all your favorite content through a simple, intuitive interface in a sleek modern design.TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV



The dimensions with respect to W x H x D TV are

  • Without the stand, these dimensions are 49.1″ x 28.5″ x 3”
  • With the stand, they are 49.1″ x 30.8″ x 7″

Smart Function:

The Smart function lets you have access to over 4,000 streaming channels thus featuring more than 450,000 movies and TV episodes.

Display: This TV has a 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with a clear contrast, color, and a detailed High Dynamic Range to provide a lifelike picture

Efficient Refresh Rate: The120Hz refresh rate lets the fast-moving action scenes to be seen with virtually absolutely no motion blur.


  • A good TV for the cost, you get a lot more than you pay.
  • Stunning image quality


  • Inputs are not enough

Samsung Electronics UN50MU6300 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

The Samsung MU6300 Ultra HDTV innovatively enhances all your viewing experiences by giving you that colorful picture with pure HDR.

Samsung’s Smart TV and its responsive UI gives you access to rapidly start watching your favorite TV shows in a of some time. The 4K Color Drive, colors are quite vibrant and pure. Thus they give you an experience most near to the reality.



Experience 4 times more pixels than the Full HD with this top-notch Tv of 2019, experience a resolution so you can clearly see the difference between this TV and many others out there, other than that the color is pure vibrant and delivers a realistic experience.
Remote Control:

A single remote automatically detects and controls all the connected devices and the content, there is no manual programming required.

Motion Rate: Experience a smooth action on the fast-moving content with a motion rate of 120.


  • A great purchase in terms of price point
  • True HD display and crisp colors
  • The strong and beautiful design which can withstand pressure up to some extent


  • Ads display too frequent

Final Verdict Top 5 Smart TVs 2019 

According to our tests  and observations, the best TV in the Top 5 TVs 2019 is the TOSHIBA TV because of its versatile nature and a top-quality display. It not only has a good display but also accepts commands in an instant and gives you lifelike pictures. Thus, making it an idea catch in the market.

We hope that you found our article on top 5 TVs 2019 informative and in your best interests, let us know if you have any queries, we would be very happy to help. Until next time, off we go.


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