Understanding The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wireless Routers

Wireless routers, as we all know are the need of the day these days, one can simply not make it without having a wireless router in their homes or apartments, etc. Why so? Because of the latest technology of the internet, everyone is pushing towards advancements and with advancements comes a need to reach out to the outer world. Now a wireless router can give you internet access and that is how it has a job is to give you the functions of a router and also provide you the functions of a wireless access point. With each passing year, different kinds of wireless networks are coming to the market and people too are enthusiastic about changing their routers every now and then and upgrading to the advanced features because, as we said, internet has become an important aspect of life and everyone needs it to reach out to the globe and be a part of it. Whether it is taking to a friend or the function of a gatekeeper, whether it is turning on the lights or watching a movie on your favorite streaming service channel. You need a powerful connection for that. For this reason, having a powerful wireless router is a must. Wi-Fi routers also come in different bands, e.g. the dual-band, tri-band and single band wireless routers. Wireless routers can work on the radio waves which are hidden waves just like the hidden highways and they carry the signals from one point to another. The efficacy of a router depends upon the various bands that a router may have.

The best type of a router depends upon your use of a router.

“One must also upgrade to another router frequently because a load of different latest devices cannot be borne by a single router with an old model.”

These routers have different good and bad points, due to these points they are distinguished by many people in different aspects. Today’s article is all about understanding the advantages and disadvantages of Wireless Routers.

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Advantages of Wireless Routers

Below discussed are the advantages of the wireless routers in general, wireless routers are one of the easiest, the most convenient devices that can render a lot of better things in our society, when they come in comparison with their drawbacks, the good outweighs the bad of the wireless routers in general.

Free Movement Within the Area of Range:

With the advancement of Wireless routers, one does not need to have any care or worry about the surroundings, wireless routers whenever they are able to work can give you a tremendous amount of speed without having to have any wires attached to your device. All you have to have is your device and you can move freely from one place to the other, within the required range, without having to worry about anything, like the speed or the breakage of connection. You are given the option of free movement as well as the peace of mind with the latest technology of wireless routers.

Share Anything You Like Without The Need of A Port:

With the latest and new technology of wireless routers, you need not to have a USB or any other means for the port and be involved in carrying different types of devices for a file transfer, with the latest wireless connection, you can easily transfer your files from one source to another. Different types of clouds like OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud are on your devices these days where you can store as well as let other people see your files without having to have a single device for putting in a port, sharing files and then removing it.

Another great thing is the fact that you can share these files with multiple people at once without the need of a device.

There’s Literally No Need For Cables:

Cables are a story of the past now. This is what the latest technology has enabled us to have. You can move here and there, wherever you like, without having to stay bound to the cables. Wireless routers use radio rays instead of the outdated concept of wires and provide you everything without the need of any wire. No drilling through different walls anymore or the installation of different pipes, all you have to do is have a single device installed, and it will perform all the duties of the wires.

Do Extra Business, Earn Extra:

Wireless networks are something that not everyone can have access to, so if you have an idea in mind, something with which you can earn a little, wireless networks and arranging a proper place for people where they can also take advantage of the connection might be your best shot a small-scale business. If you are a student, then this can be your part-time job and you can earn a little from it too. Internet Cafes are the same kind of businesses that people have set up by purchasing wireless routers and installing them in a specific place. People come and fulfill their requirements of the internet and pay you a monthly allowance. You can manage your area along with your expenses with it as well.

Wireless Routers Can Handle a Large Amount Of Users:

This is probably our most favorite feature that we have encountered in a wireless network.

A wireless network can accommodate a total of 3 users?? No! 5 users? Nah! 10 users? No way! A wireless router is capable of accommodating large amounts of users to it.  The speed, however, may vary after a level of users is achieved but it still keeps going. This is one of the best services that you can get from a wireless router.
Extra devices can also be added to these routers and to overcome the overall factors that involve the decrease in speed you can add up a few more wireless routers if you fear that this will affect you.

Instant Transferring of Files To The Social Media:

Gone are the days where one had to wait so much for a single file to transfer from one place to another over the internet. Now you can easily and quickly just upload a file and transfer it from one place to another, social media being at the very top of it all. Take a picture on a DSLR camera for instance. Within minutes you can have it in your computer via the wireless network or Bluetooth or even a card, from there you can have the ease of posting it up to your social media in an instance. The whole process will literally take a few minutes and everything will be completed. This works the best for a large number of files to be taken from one source to another and then uploaded to the internet.

Use of Wireless Access Points:

You can make good use of different access points to enhance the overall strength, power and performance of the wireless network. By adding different wireless access points, you can not only enhance the speed but also increase the area and range of the access point so it can be used many people sitting or working in the same area. This works the best for different offices that work on a large scale over the internet which of course need a wireless network. Wired networks, as said wired will take up lots of wires and the overall look of the space where they are being installed will not be as neat and as good looking as it can be with the wireless routers.


Wireless networks and generally very easy to install in every situation as compared to the ones that are wired. Wired networks take up most of your time energy and peace of mind. The wireless networks, in this case, do not take up most of your precious time and pace of mind. No need to drill holes in the wall when you can simply mount wireless network up to the wall in a single place.

Easy Installation/ Addition of Other Components:

You can easily install or add up other devices with the wireless networks as compared to the wired. The wireless routers have a number of ports responsible for the installation of different devices with it. You can simply add up any other device of your interest with it and have it installed within minutes. You can also easily install the VoIP as well as the printers etc. without the need to configure the computers.

Voice Over Internet Protocol Facility:

The VOIP, which is also known to be the voice over internet protocol facility is available with many wireless networks.

It is a type of phone service which uses the internet, this service is very reasonable and convenient when it is compared to traditional telephone service.


Wireless networks can provide an overall convenience to the user in many different terms. It can save up most of your time, it can save you from the hurdles of installation, the agony of file transferring and the tension you get by drilling up the walls, setting the wired networks up and ruining your peace of mind. It can literally save you from many things possible. All you can do is mount it up your wall, then sit back in your chair or bed and enjoy the luxury of a peaceful and powerful yet a tremendous service.

Costs Less:

Wireless networks seem to cost much lesser than the wired networks. It is so because of the installation and the number of things present in a single and small service. The wired connection are large devices that need heavy installation and most of the times, even the installation requires money.

Use of Wireless Technology:

Wireless technology is slowly taking the place of wired technology in many aspects. It is so because of the convenience it provides. People tend to be more inclined towards wireless technology because of their numerous advantages than the disadvantages with wireless networks is one of them.

Disadvantages of Wireless Routers:

Just the way everything has bad as it has the good, wireless routers too have some disadvantages or drawbacks. Though the good outweighs the bad, they still need to be discussed for the awareness and education purpose.

Wireless Routers Setup:

Setting up the wireless routers though may be an easy concept. However, the overall process of these routers is quite hard to understand and you may sometimes need an expert opinion or help to carry out the process smoothly.

Obstruction Over Different Things:

This is probably the most common drawback of the wireless routers. The obstructive elements in the path of a wireless network really affect the overall performance of the router. They may include the walls or other such barriers that cause a difficulty in the flow of signals or rays.

Speed Variations:

With wired networks, since you are limited to one place, you may have the same speed throughout the entire time, but when it comes to the wireless networks, since you are not bound to one place, there is a total variation in the speed quality depending upon where you are from the exact location of the router. The farther you move, the slower the connection.

Not Good For Office Use:

For the purpose of office use generally, a wireless router may not be recommended for the area, or the setup is large and dependent upon the internet. Wireless networks speed is affected by the area as discussed earlier.

Knowing the Right Device:

Most of the times people are not aware of what they want and end up buying the wrong type of device, for this purpose you need to know which type of wireless network is the right one for you and which brand of wireless routers will suit your cause the best.


In case of wireless routers, if there is a defect in one place, you may have to replace the entire device itself.


In conclusion, although there are some disadvantages of wireless routers, we think they are the future, and a wireless router is a must have. We hope that you found this guide useful and learned the best that you could about wireless routers. What factors do you think will make your wireless router the best?

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